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C1 Evo2 carbon UD mat MID-GLOSS

Handmade and fine carbon seatposts

Specially selected carbon-fiber types, and custom designs allow the use of

the area finest Seatpost for Road and MTB competitions. Always the latest

findings from our own research, development and production can be a new

way of sizing, in a unique manufacturing process, for maximum comfort

and maximum loads.

Weight Examples:

27.2 x 400mm : 131g

30.9 x 400mm : 136g

31.6 x 400mm : 138g

Special on request


All our seatposts are for racing XC / XM released to 110kg total-rider weight.

(special carbon-fiber concept) "...The highest in a laboratory (according to test. in TU-Aachen) ever measured FLEXIBILITY a seatpost is another plus (namely "comfort") of this product..."

And now including with our new carbon shell (cradle) makes this seatpost an upgrade in weight and performance.

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