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An encounter and several similarities were enough to make you want to do what is called ceetec® today. I admit, it has not happened to me that way, and by no means have I been looking for it.

What was an encounter then is friendship today. In a friendship there is no compromise when it comes to mutual reliance and trust. It just has to fit. For that you can experience and share everything - the basic of all.

And again, something was disturbing, not as I would like it; Too complicated, too heavy, too little consequent, not enough beautiful. It was always something that did not turn out to be complete. I'm talking about products and components. If you're out in the woods, on the trails, away from any civilization, you have to rely on it. But you could not. The educationaland experience path of lightweight construction in the field of fiber composites quickly brought with it wanting to change something. Quite for me alone. Should others get along with what the industry claims to you - please don't tell me.

every ceetec® project starts with an idea. Ideas are only as good as they are developed. A quote from Linus Carl Pauling: "You not only have to have more ideas, but also the ability to decide."

Physics is there, nature pretends to be there. See and understand. It sounds so easy. It has to be liked; oh yes, it must be. If the technology and function adds to the pleasure, it will be really exciting. I can't imagine that nobody feels that these three areas are not important and certainly not just one of them. So why not do exactly what we long for, what we enjoy and what brings us back home with great joy - after a long day on the trails, on the racetrack. No compromise.The only whole compromise I have to make is the time. The time will be finished. The question of when is unjustified, because it's ready when it's ready. Let yourself be abducted into a world of technology, function and design.

Founded in 2010 in love for the special - Your ceetec®

the nature brings all from what we can learn - form follows function. lightweight constructions for every conditions - outside in the nature where the circle closes.

"the power of materials
every material has his place to use its specific characteristics.
elements make materials - materials are elements"


CAD, CNC, Composite and Design

Development and Engineering

CEO, CFO and Owner



CAD, CNC, Molding and Design



Mechanic, Events, Sponsoring



CAD, CNC, Molding and Design

Development and Engineering




Member of the Board




Design and Accounting



Molding and Design



Head of Wheels



Head of Colors


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